Welcome to the State of New Jersey

Let New Jersey be your gateway to North America. Home to more than 1,100 multinational companies, 21 Fortune 500 companies and 270 foreign national U.S. headquarters, New Jersey is a multicultural hub that welcomes international business. Our State ranks the fourth largest in the U.S. for incoming foreign direct investment.

New Jersey is the most densely populated state in the U.S. and one of the most ethnically diverse. From our highly educated workforce to our world-class transportation infrastructure, New Jersey has it all for European companies looking to enter the U.S. market.

Choose New Jersey, a nonprofit economic development organization, markets New Jersey as the premiere business location for companies worldwide. Choose New Jersey offers companies interested in locating or expanding in New Jersey a full range of complimentary services including market assessments, site visits, state assistance information, and connections to government and private sector partners. The European office of Choose New Jersey, located in Berlin, Germany, will help you discover why New Jersey is the best place for business.

Governor Phil Murphy is deeply focused on cultivating international investment opportunities and strengthening New Jersey’s partnerships abroad.

Why Invest in New Jersey

1. Talent
New Jersey has largest concentration of scientists and engineers per square mile than anywhere else in the world – 225,000 and counting. The Newark, NJ region produces 14,000 STEM grads annually and awards the second highest percentage of STEM degrees among our peers in the Northeast. New Jersey’s population with a bachelor’s degree or higher is 39%, exceeding the national average of 31%.

2. Location
A location in New Jersey offers easy access to financial markets and regulatory centers. Northern New Jersey is less than 20 minutes away from Manhattan and Washington D.C. is 3 hours away by train. New Jersey is located in the middle of the Boston – New York City – Washington D.C. corridor, one of the world’s most concentrated and affluent markets with 56.5 million residents and $3.75 trillion in economic output.

3. Infrastructure
New Jersey moves people and products like no other state. New Jersey is home to the Port of New York/New Jersey – the largest maritime cargo center on the East Coast and the third busiest seaport in North America. Newark Liberty International Airport offers daily flights to nearly 175 non-stop destinations and services more than 130 international cities non-stop. Newark, NJ – New Jersey’s largest city—is home to the fastest internet in the world with 26 miles of underground municipal fiber that delivers 100 gigabits per second speeds.

4. Education
New Jersey is home to 63 colleges and universities, including Princeton University – the #1 University in the U.S. according to US News & World Report. The #1 STEM high school in the country –High Technology High School in Lincroft – is also located here. New Jersey ranks #2 for educating students at every level and are one of the top four best states for educational excellence in CNBC’s 2017 Top States for Business rankings.

5. Diversity
Multiculturalism is our strength and makes innovation truly possible. We are the fourth most diverse state in the nation with a 45% minority population and the third-largest foreign-born population. Our state is home to the #1 Most Diverse U.S. City (Jersey City) and the #1 U.S. City for Integrating Immigrants (Newark). We award more H-1B visas (total and per 100 workers) than Boston, MA, Austin, TX, and Raleigh, NC.

Key Industries

    • Life Sciences
    • Food & Beverage
    • Clean Energy
    • Technology
    • Advanced Manufacturing


State Governor: Phil Murphy

Contact Info New Jersey

Contact Name:
Sebastian Gerlach, Director

Schumannstrasse 6
10117 Berlin
Mobile: +49 176 2489 6082
Email: sgerlach@choosenj.com
>Web: www.choosenj.com

State Demographics New Jersey

Region: Mid-Atlantic
8.9 million (2018)
Labor Force:
 4.4M (2018)
Unemployment Rate: 
4% (12/2018)
State GDP: 
$ 626.8B (2018)
Median Per Capita Personal Income: $64,537 (2017)
Capital City: 
Principal Cities: 
Newark, Jersey City, Atlantic City, Camden, Passaic, Paterson

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