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Standing out in a crowd can sometimes be difficult, especially when your company is one of several hundred European companies within one state. A location in Kentucky offers you a unique opportunity to elevate your profile, set yourself apart from the pack, and receive the appreciation and recognition your company deserves.

A number of large European corporations have found prosperity in Kentucky, such as L'Oréal, Nestlé and Unilever, but Kentucky is also home to many European small-to-medium sized companies (especially from the German Mittelstand but also from Great Britain and France) that manufacture their products in environments that are very similar to their starting points in Europe. All of these companies appreciate the unconditional and uncomplicated support they receive from the local communities and the state. Kentucky values your investment whether you create 5 jobs or 5000 jobs. Every job is important to Kentucky, and that's the way you will be treated. We value your know-how, want to learn from you and help you thrive in the United States. That is why a long, successful and personal partnership is our primary goal. Kentucky only succeeds when you succeed.

You might not have heard a lot about Kentucky. The state is not only about bourbon and race horses, it is home to numerous automotive suppliers (from Bosch to Webasto) and international companies like Tiffany's and Tempur-Pedic that produce global brands. Therefore you and your company might fit right in and be able to take advantage of this international but familiar network, really a combination of the best of both worlds for business success. The Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development will help you accomplish these goals. That is why we have established an office in Europe, where someone with a European background will be taking your call; someone who understands your needs and knows Kentucky.

Why Invest in Kentucky

  • Central Location: Kentucky is centrally located among the states east of the Mississippi. Kentucky's borders are within 600 miles of over 65 percent of the US population and manufacturing business establishments, making it a logistical paradise that facilitates the distribution of goods and materials to a massive industrial and consumer market.
  • Workforce Services: Kentucky understands the importance of providing companies with a skilled workforce. It achieves this by bringing together employment and training organizations across the state to tailor a comprehensive program of skills training services for new, expanding and existing companies.
  • Low Business Costs: Kentucky has consistently had one of the lowest overall costs of doing business in the eastern United States, according to CNBC.
  • Electricity Costs: Kentucky has one of the lowest cost of electricity in the industrial sector among states east of the Mississippi River.
  • Competitive Tax Climate: Kentucky is investing in an aggressive economic development program that promotes private-sector growth and job creation by providing tax incentives to businesses locating, expanding or reinvesting in the state.
  • Quality of Life: Kentucky offers one of the nation's lowest costs of living, housing costs (up to 30 percent lower than the national average), low taxes and amazing outdoor sceneries, as well as metropolitan areas.

What We Can Do To Help You

First of all, we can visit you at your headquarters in Europe and tell you more about Kentucky. We would rather travel the short distance from our office in Hamburg, Germany, than sending numerous emails to get to know you and your company. A visit is the best way for us to understand your needs and to show you what Kentucky has to offer. Among others, our services include providing information on business costs and opportunities, identifying available sites and buildings, and evaluating financial programs to support your business investment.

The European Representative Office in Hamburg, Germany is your direct link to the Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development. The Kentucky Europe team travels frequently across Europe to discuss investment opportunities in Kentucky with interested companies.

For more information please visit www.thinkkentucky.eu.

State Governor: Andy Beshear 










Contact Info Kentucky

Contact Name:
Mr. Joshua Seeberg
Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development

Poststrasse 14-16, 3rd Floor
20354 Hamburg

Phone: +49 40 3500 4440
Email: info@thinkkentucky.eu

State Demographics Kentucky

Region: Central-East
Population: 4,4 million
Gross State Product: $ 164,8 billion
Exports: $20,1 billion (2011)
Labor Force: 2 million (2011)
Latest Unemployment Rate: 8,4% (October 2012) 
Per Capita Personal Income: $33.667 (2011)
Capital City: Frankfort
Principal Cities: Louisville, Lexington, Bowling Green, Owensboro, Covington

For more demographic information please visit www.thinkkentucky.com 

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